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The Dining Hall is an eating facility featuring a large function hall, a kitchen, restrooms, and a shower house.  Its seating capacity is 200.  Its primary use will be for sit-down meals, both prepared on-site and catered.  Its use is restricted to groups renting the camp for a function, or to persons attending any Faire Days, Bardic Nights or similar event organized by Ye Olde Commons.

The Dining Hall features a full-service commercial kitchen, either for your use or we can prepare the food for you. 

Our five new cabins are one-room rustic camp cabins with double-bunks.  The cabins are only available to groups renting the camp facilities including the Dining Hall for a function.  The cabins may also be used by the camp for various settings for special events organized by the camp, such as vendor store-fronts on Faire Days, or haunted display rooms for Halloween.  Their capacity is 5-6 bunks.  They feature electricity and heating.  Restroom and shower facilities are provided in the Dining Hall in conjunction with its use.  If the total occupancy of cabins and Dining Hall exceeds 200 for a group event, additional port-a-potties will be provided.

The utility building, often referred to as the module building, can be used as storage facility, or as indoor setting by LARPs or re-enactment groups renting the camp facilities.

The barn features 10'x10' stalls which may be utilized for storage between events by LARPs and re-enactment clubs or similar groups that rent the camp on a multi-use basis.  It also features some areas that can be used for indoor settings by LARPS and re-enactment groups.

Various small outbuildings can serve as storage or as settings for LARPs and re-enactment groups renting the camp facilities.

The woods of the camp feature numerous trails over ca. 40 acres, some of which are served by electrical outlets which may be used for special outdoors settings.


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