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Learn from the Masters! Attend a training session at Fight Night!

December 4 is scheduled to be the first event of what we hope to be a more regular occurrence, Ye Olde Commons Fight Nights, where we will have instructors of different Western Martial Arts come and teach us how to be better fighters.

For the inaugural event we are honored by William Short of Hurstwic and his instructor, Reynir Alfre­ Ëskarson, visiting from Iceland. William R. Short is an author and independent scholar specializing in Viking-age topics, notably medieval Icelandic literature, Viking-age material culture, Viking-age weapons, and Viking-age combat techniques. He is based in New England. Reynir Alfre­ Ëskarson is a coach and trainer for stage and screen combat with extensive experience and training in a wide range of martial arts. He is based in Iceland. Together, they have created Hurstwic« Viking Combat Training System and have created a series of 3 training DVDs to teach how Viking-age people fought and used their weapons.

This event is $20 per person.

Fight Night Training ($20)

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